The Chronicles of Samsing

Imagine a field, surrounded by ancient woods of Lower Himalayas. May be if it was a Disney movie, a dinosaur or a lion would surely come out of these woods. An oval shaped field, full of grass, with a crystal clear sky overhead, woods and the hills are the horizon, a 2-3 hour trek through the hills and forests and small waterfalls from this field can take you to the other side of the settlement, Samsing. A small beauty spot, on the face of Lower Himalayas.


But before that, we will pass through the beautiful roads, up through Chalsa hills. This beautiful stretch goes straight through the mesmerizing tea gardens and hills and up & down, round & round roads, the first magical view comes from the road, just in front of Sinclair’s Hotels. You can see the whole Lataguri, Gorumara & Batabari forest range from the top, a green stretch, cross sectioned, by the NH and a train track. Next, the road takes you to unimaginable beauty.


When we visited ‘Dalgaon’ a few days back, we marvelled over a little whitish unridable stretch at the hill in front, we took a right turn, just before reaching Samsing and viola, there it was, Lali-Gurash. A wonderful spot to make your visual cortex high enough to drool over it. It is the region where the River Jaldhaka flows, the hill in front was Kumai Tea Garden, where we will go in a few days, but today it is time for Samsing.


When we reached Samsing, after spending a bit time at Lali-Gurash, it was late noon. We were looking for a place to eat, and we found ‘Chandramukhi’ a tiny Place to eat a few momo and drink a bit beer and smoke a little weed (the place is just behind police barrack, img_9325so be cautious) then we were just loitering around when suddenly we saw a small walking stretch, on the side of the road, that disappears in the hilly jungle a bit further. We walked it. It takes a left turn, we turned, the most beautiful field I ever saw, was laying in front of me. A few Local younglings were hanging out there. We talked with them, and came to know that another walking stretch that starts from the other side of the field can take you to a beautiful trek route of 1-2 kilometers, through the hilly greens of Samsing, to the Samsing Police Station.


And the road that we left? That can take us to SantalayKhlola or Sevoke and if we bypass a bit, we can reach Upper Kumai. Another time may be, another day.

Keep wandering.


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