Journey to the Lower Himalayas

There’s a proverb and belief that the darkest part of the world is the human heart. I believed it whole heartedly, before I was on the NH 31, 13 days after the full moon night (nearly amabassya). I understood what darkness can be, in real or in its philosophical aspect. Imagine running on a road, where the only light is the light coming from the stars blinking overhead, where the road ahead is the only open space, can be seen from the only source of light you have, the roadsides are full of unimaginable darkness, sound of a barking deer nearby, something huge is breaking some tree on your side which of course you can’t see, the air smells of hormonal releases of the trees and some unknown animal and if you put the lights off, the only visual that remains is the shapeless dark all around you and the dark grey road, under your feet.


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